Your AI-Powered, Compassionate Guide to Emotional Wellness

Welcome to Glows, where we take a unique approach to mental health, specifically designed for adolescents between 12-17. With the guidance of Glowria, our AI chatbot, and a suite of features that go far beyond just ‘chit-chat,’ you’re never alone on your emotional journey.

Meet Glows: Your Pocket Therapist and Emotional Sidekick


Your Safe Harbor in Troubled Times. Facing emotional difficulties? You’re not alone. Glows offers an intuitive AI companion designed to provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and emotionally-engaging games to help navigate life’s rocky moments.



Our Unique Features

CBT Assistance

Know Thyself: Choose from a list of common emotional challenges like anger, stress, or depression.

Glowria Gets You: Can't pinpoint what's bothering you? No worries, Glowria is here to help you explore your emotional landscape.

Emotion-Centric Gaming

Play to Understand: Get personalized game suggestions that are not just fun but also therapeutic.

Every Second Counts: Test-drive our games with 5-minute free trials that pack an emotional punch.

Your Words, Your Journal

Journaling + AI Analysis: After each CBT session, pen down your thoughts for an AI-powered breakdown to gain deeper insights into your mind.

Real Conversations with Glowria

Chat with Glowria: Our advanced natural language processing ensures the chat feels as real as any heart-to-heart could be.

Summary Reports: Walk away from each conversation with a comprehensive summary of what you discussed.

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