When Emotions Get Complex, We Simplify—Meet Glows , Your Digital Respite.​

Don’t let life’s challenges dim your light. Glow with Glowria.

The Emotional Gap

You're Not Just a Sibling, You're Human

Caught in the emotional whirlpool of caring for a life-limited sibling? Don’t just navigate; elevate. You too need nurturing, and Glows is here to help.

Are you one of the 8.9 million well-siblings in North America juggling emotional and social challenges while caring for a sibling with a life-limiting condition? You’re not alone, and your emotional well-being matters too.

Million Siblings of Individuals With Disabilities Are in North America
Children in Canada Has a Sibling With a Chronic Illness
1 in 0
Of Well-Siblings Experience Emotional or Behavioral Problems
~ 0 %
Of Well-Siblings Have Difficulty Adjusting to Their Sibling’s Illness.
~ 0 %

Your Virtual Safe Haven

A Revolution in CBT—Pocket-Sized

Meet Glowria, your conversational partner in a digital sanctuary. She specializes in customized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques and emotion-tailored games to fit your unique emotional blueprint.

Unique Features

Conversation & Practices

Choose your mental challenges or let Glowria help you pinpoint them. Receive personalized games and activities to transform your emotional landscape.

Engage with Glowria

Glowria isn't just a chatbot; she's a listener, an adviser, and a friend. Your conversations are your safe space, saved for your reference.

Instant Emotional Reports

After each conversation, get a summary report capturing the essence and outcome of your interaction. Gain insights into your emotional well-being and track your progress.

Voices of Our Users

Max Age: 16

"The games? Total game-changers. I’m learning about myself in ways I never thought I would."

Sarah Age: 17

"Talking to Glowria is like talking to a best friend who really gets you. The emotional burden feels lighter."

Liam Age: 14

"The personalized games helped me express emotions I couldn't put into words. A brilliant concept!"

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